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[tps_title]The Value Of Value Stream Analysis[/tps_title]

Lean Manufacturing

What Is Lean Manufacturing?

Black Belts, however, need not worry too much – because if they use the prescribed methods, they can easily eliminate all these problems.
Explained below are some of the options available to Black Belts, which can be used for overcoming these problems.

Correct Value Stream Analysis
The first thing that Black Belts need to do is ensure that the value stream analysis is done in the right manner. No doubt Black Belts have the requisite technical knowledge and know how to do their job, but since not all business processes are the same, they need to be extra cautious while carrying out the analysis.

Mere technical knowledge is often not enough obviously because value stream analysis has a lot more to do with identifying and classifying the various sub-processes into specific groups based on their total contribution to the main process.

Another thing that makes value stream analysis a difficult task for Black Belts is the requirement that the identification and classification be done keeping in mind the future needs and requirements of the business and not just as a means to achieve the existing goals and objectives.

This implies that the analysis is required to be carried out in a manner that would give top priority to processes that hold the most potential even if at present they may not be contributing much value to the main process.

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