[tps_header]Imagine a river. Then visualize all that the river carries with it. Apart from the water and fish, there are other elements which form the river. Processes are very much like a river. They flow in a natural direction and carry information with them from one point to another; read on…[/tps_header]
[tps_title]Value Stream Mapping Definition[/tps_title]

Lean Manufacturing

What Is Lean Manufacturing?

The process of Value Stream Mapping is a by product of the Lean Manufacturing process pioneered by Toyota and the core fundamental is to identify the areas of waste which can be avoided within a manufacturing or office process. Apart from identification, Value Steam Mapping also helps streamline the process for higher productivity.

Method to Map the Value Stream
The first steps in this process are to map the current flow of the various flows of production and supply. A detailed analysis will give you a flowchart for various departments on how communication, information, or goods flow from one end to the other.

This requires inputs from various business heads as well as floor managers. Once this is done, a documentary chart of the organization’s flow is ready to be analyzed. It is required that the information also maps the quantities of items in this flow chart as that is the key to identify where wastes or inconsistencies are happening. Apart from quantities, the diagram also requires time inputs.

The diagram put together to map the current state of Value Stream Mapping has some specific icons which highlight the various processes. A thumb rule is that the more complicated looking the diagram, the higher level of simplicity is desired by the organization.

Get Started With Lean Manufacturing

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