[tps_header]One of the major problems in adopting Six Sigma is that it could take as long as three to four months for the company to see the desired effects. Therefore, in order to keep an account of the changes of the implementation process, Six Sigma auditing is essential; read on…[/tps_header]
[tps_title]Six Sigma Audit[/tps_title]

Lean Manufacturing

What Is Lean Manufacturing?

This means that a lot of priority is given to the implementation of the Six Sigma methodology. All the objectives that have been defined by Six Sigma are influenced a lot by various efforts, especially the way the policies are formulated and how the company’s organizational structure is managed.

Proper Six Sigma auditing helps in ensuring that everything works according to the plans framed by the Six Sigma methodology. One of the best things about a Six Sigma audit is that the audit checks done by the experts give high priority to the quality of the processes.

The auditing process is very simple as well. It involves a set of survey questions that helps the auditor determine the actual condition of a particular business process.

The Six Sigma Outlook
Once the auditors have determined the situation of all the business processes, they simply compare them with the estimated or the desired results. The estimations are made right from the beginning of the operational phase of the Six Sigma implementation.

The audit process is so systematic that it seems quite similar to the audit processes adopted by the ISO 9000 certified organizations.Many companies have actually profited by using the Six Sigma auditing strategy prescribed by the ISO certified organizations.

Get Started With Lean Manufacturing

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