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[tps_title]Six Sigma-A Cornerstone[/tps_title]

Lean Manufacturing

What Is Lean Manufacturing?

Six sigma is one of the cornerstones of lean manufacturing; in fact, it is certainly the most popular quality program in history. From its beginnings with the Motorola Corporation, to the present day, six sigma consulting has played an integral part in improving the bottom line for countless companies. Many plastic injection molding companies, for example, have benefited greatly from this process.

Because the time requirements of six sigma are significant, management must accept the fact that this is a long-term obligation with several employees being at least 50% dedicated to implementing the program.

Six sigma Champions
• Champions are Business Leaders who lead Six sigma by sponsoring projects
• Champions are trained by focusing on the essential components of six sigma and choosing projects that fit with the overall goals of the company
• Champions then choose and mentor Six sigma project leaders called Belts
• Champions must support and integrate the Six Sigma Launch into their company.

Get Started With Lean Manufacturing

Tip-packed ebook, “Learn The Secrets Of Lean!” shows you how to get started with the lean manufacturing process, starting with the popular 5S program.

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