[tps_header]It’s true – the majority of attempts to apply kaizen, the Japanese management concept of continuous improvement, fail, and fail miserably; read on…[/tps_header]
[tps_title]Why Kaizen Fails[/tps_title]

Lean Manufacturing

What Is Lean Manufacturing?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that kaizen itself fails. In fact I’m a big fan and promoter of kaizen having written a book on the subject and numerous articles. I even called my consulting firm Complete Kaizen in order to further promote and train managers in how to use this fascinating tool for business success.

What I am saying however is that the way kaizen, or lean as it is more commonly and sometimes incorrectly referred to, is applied is often the cause for failure. This article will hopefully show you what true kaizen is and how to avoid failure in future applications.

For a start kaizen has been described as a “state of mind.” No, not by me but by kaizen guru Masaaki Imai, the man responsible for bringing kaizen to western attention in the late 1980’s following the publication of his book by the same name.

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