[tps_header]What is lean manufacturing all about? Very simply put, the lean manufacturing process is a comprehensive way to reduce waste of all types. It could be a waste of time or material, it is still waste; read on…[/tps_header]
[tps_title]What Is Lean Manufacturing?[/tps_title]

Lean Manufacturing

What Is Lean Manufacturing?

Many studies have measured the amount of waste a typical manufacturer has, and it is usually shocking, as well as revealing. Lean is an ongoing process, and though results can be quick and impressive, lasting change is another matter.

It takes time and a lot of effort to change a shop culture. It is not enough to add slogans and banners, or even add one program after another. Lean manufacturing is like adding spokes to a wheel, so the wagon can roll.
Learn what it is, how to put it all together in a comprehensive, integrated plan. You must avoid the mistake of putting your program together with related, but disconnected techniques, in a piecemeal manner.