Lean For Dummies Review


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Lean manufacturing is the process by which a company cuts down on the wasted time, resources and energy. This is one of the many new concepts major companies have been using to increase efficiency and improve their customer service.

Whether you are in manufacturing, engineering, design or management, lean should be part of your strategy. Many consulting firms offer tutorials to help with training, planning, implementation, and the continuous improvement that is so important.

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What is lean manufacturing?
Lean manufacturing is an innovative method that allows the employees to schedule their time better, and use less company resources while still providing the desired results. The history of lean is interesting and reveals the processes and techniques that improve quality and profits.

Lean Manufacturing For Dummies is a new book that contains a lot of great information about how to use lean manufacturing in your company. It offers a rather basic but clear assessment of the general picture and drills down into some depth showing case studies and examples.

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This useful book has a few great examples, but one of the best examples is having your employees cut down on their cell phone use in the office. Without the cell phone use in the office, the employees will spend their time focusing on the customers and goals. This is just one of the concepts presented in the book that will improve the focus and switch it towards the customers while also increasing the performance of employees.

Lean Manufacturing For Dummies provides numerous important concepts that can be applied to the workplace such as respecting fellow employees, focusing on the customer, and striving for perfection while maintaining a strict, resource saving schedule.

Lean manufacturing has become quite popular in Europe, especially in the UK. This training phenomenon is beginning to spread not only through Europe, but also to the United States.

Many of the major companies such as Microsoft are beginning to introduce time saving concepts and strategies for their employees. Lean manufacturing is so beneficial to a company because it can provide the employees with a realistic schedule that will help reduce the amount of time that is wasted during the work day.

Lean For Dummies Is A Good Starting Point

If you’re interested in finding out more about lean manufacturing, it is recommended that you buy Lean Manufacturing For Dummies, as it has many examples and strategies can be applied
to your specific business setting. You can learn about six sigma, kanban, JIT, ERP, kaizen Value Stream Mapping and 5S.

Wasted time and inefficiency are two of the biggest complaints employers can have
and providing this book for your employees will not only enhance their productivity, but it will allow them to also apply various concepts and better serve your customer base.

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