Recommended Lean Ebooks Review

We have looked at many, many lean manufacturing ebooks, courses and programs. This lean manufacturing review shows which are the top picks in each category.

Lean Manufacturing*

Best All Around Lean Mfg. Program

Average User Rating: [usr=5]

After reviewing about one dozen programs and courses, this is the most complete, thorough and comprehensive one out there. You receive an unbelievable amount of material that is tried and tested. Strongly recommended!

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5S cover*

Best 5S Ebook

Average User Rating: [usr=4.5]

If you are looking for an all around good resource to get started with Lean Manufacturing, this is the best choice. 5S is the best way to begin and this ebook will truly get you off on the right foot. For the money, it is tops.

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lean mfg.cover*

Best Lean Beginner Book

Average User Rating: [usr=5]

This is actually a complete program on complete course on Lean Manufacturing. Designed for one user for a one month period, it is a great introduction to the process and could be used to educate yourself and potential colleagues who may need some coaxing to get started.

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Spanish Lean mfg.*

Best Spanish Lean Program

Average User Rating: [usr=5]

This remarkable program has everything you need to implement a complete Lean Manufacturing program. Everything is included, in PowerPoint and PDF format. Very highly recommended.

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